Amazing Kids


So you may or may not know, that October is ADHD Awareness Month

Ever since I began helping families with kids who simply don’t fit the box or mould, my heart and passion is for all the amazing & exceptional kids (of which there are many) in the world who are misunderstood and even mismanaged on a daily basis.

Whether it be Autism, Aspergers, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Irlens, SPD and so the list goes on, there is such a lack of knowledge and awareness for the extensive childhood conditions that are prevalent in our day and it’s long overdue for change. Quite simply, these kids are totally worth it.

So this month is all about ADHD, an acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and if I had my way, I would rename it ADHG. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Gifting.

Why? Well because more often than not, overshadowed by their more obvious and evident outward behaviours, are many gifts and talents that may easily be missed and not revealed if not for dedicated parents/guardians, professional therapists and in some cases, teachers and teaching staff.

Sadly, I have had instances where autism and aspergers were viewed as real and acceptable, however in the same breath, that ADD, ADHD and others were simply from bad parenting or just rebellious, ill behaved children. This simply isn’t the case. Not discounting that there may be poor examples of parenting and also ill behaving, rebellious children, but stating it in this way, brings forth incorrect labelling.  And labelling can be dangerous, restrictive, unhelpful, unsympathetic, uncompassionate, ignorant and quite simply, creates a box that these kids, if you’ll remember, never fit into in the first place!

So join me if you would, as I share my heart, my thoughts, my observations and lots of shared pages and information as we go through the month of October, hoping to spread the word on the world of Amazing children everywhere, children whose brains are wired differently, not wrongly, or badly, or naughtily, just differently. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought being different is kinda cool and the only way to be.

Different = Unique. And that’s a good thing.

jade xx

Please Just Let Me Fidget


Please just let me fidget

It’s what I need to do

Please let me move silently

It’s more for me than you

It might seem odd for many

who don’t understand at all

that this need to move and fidget

is like an ever rolling ball.

You see, like gravity and motion

and magnets that attract

my need to move and fidget

are simply matter of fact.

It’s not that I’m being ‘naughty’

or ‘disobedient’ to you

It’s that my need to move at times

is what I need to do.

At times it helps me focus

At times it helps me stay

in the spot that you have asked me to

and for this I must obey.

You think because there are others

who can easily sit so still

and who have no need to fidget

therefore I must also fit the bill.

But this is simply not the case

and for this it’s time to spill

as there are many of us in this boat

who simply can’t sit still.

So please just let me fidget

I’m not hurting anyone

Please let me sit here quietly

Until this time is done.

And for every time you catch me

sitting here fidgeting

know that this is how it is for me

that you are witnessing.

So please just let me fidget

It’s what I need to do

I hope that by sharing this now

some too will have a clue.

A snippet from me.


I had changed my mind a zillion times (ok  many times at least!) whether to write this post or not. And finally I’ve decided that I will. A snippet from me, checking in with all of you.

Some of you may have noticed I’ve not been around here for awhile. Some of you may not have noticed at all. Truth is I haven’t been. But not because I haven’t wanted to but because I haven’t been able to. Truth is I’ve had some pretty major stuff going on which has needed my full undivided attention and energy and it will continue to be this way for quite a bit longer yet. Truth is it’s been a real struggle at times and the days have pretty much rolled into one. Truth is there’s been a slip of some healthee meals and healthee living along the way.  (YAY shout the kids!) Truth is I’ve had to go with the flow as best I could to try and still be relatively healthee and also ensure I didn’t end up sick or run down which would have taken me out of the equation. Living proof that we can all only do, what we can at the time. Truth is it is always about balance and doing what you need to do at any given time or season in your life right?

BUT….. truth is I’m chomping at the bit to get back on track! Truth is I can’t wait to get back to what I am meant to be doing and what I feel so passionately about. Truth is, what is that exactly??!!?  When I started Jade Vogler HEALthee Living as a newly certified health coach, I was passionate about helping families eliminate harmful chemicals in their food and homes aiming for a healthier lifestyle and optimum health. I am still passionate about this and this remains unchanged. But by default, I was led to working with children with specific issues. We’re talking learning or behavioural issues or both. We’re talking children with issues, challenges, struggles and special needs. We’re talking gifted, awesome, amazing kids. Just simply, KIDS with DIFFERENT ABILITIES. But kids who are often misunderstood and mis-managed. This stirs in me a passion greater than anything and one which I believe I was called for. I am still HEALthee Living which entails helping others to live preventatively however there will be a noticeable shift in the direction I am headed = AMAZING KIDS.

I want to steer and navigate CHANGE. I want to make a DIFFERENCE.

I hope you will continue to join me, support me and jump on board with me every time my mission ship is set to leave port on this journey to help the many special & amazing kids of the world. These are your kids and these are my kids. xx

Skinless Chicken Wontons + Special Rice

What was going to be mini chicken rissoles for dinner became these very delicious skinless wontons filled with chicken mince and vegetables!  Accompanied by special rice… to say the kids loved them is an understatement. Miss Healthee Livin’6 had about 6!  One for every year 🙂

It’s super quick, easy and full of some very nutritious ingredients.

Wonton dinner

What you will need:
1/2 Leek (green part)
2-3 small carrots
1 zucchini
500g chicken mince
1 egg
Ground fenugreek
Ground nutmeg
Ground Cumin
Pink Himalayan Salt
Homemade chicken broth (up to 1 cup)
Rice of choice
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp Wakame flakes *

What to do:
Blitz the leek, carrot and zucchini in a food processor until finely chopped. Remove to a bowl, add all other ingredients and combine well or mix together in the processor without chopping any further.
In a frypan, add just enough of the chicken broth to cover the base by about 0.5cm in depth and heat until a slow simmer.
Roll the mince mixture into small balls and add to the pan. As soon as the pan is full, cover and allow to cook for a few minutes before lifting the lid to turn each ball over. Be sure to add more broth as required and monitor regularly to ensure it doesn’t cook dry.
Meanwhile, steam rice of choice and just before serving, stir through the olive oil and wakame flakes for added nutrition, taste and appearance.

Cooking ‘skinless wontons’ this way helps prevent dryness often found when frying rissoles and also means they are free from preservatives as all store bought wonton wrappers contain preservatives.
*WAKAME FLAKES are a seaweed superfood and a good source of minerals, vitamins and dietary fibre. A great alkalizing sea vegetable  with zero fat or sugar content, it can be eaten raw or cooked, is gluten-free, suitable for vegan diets and can be found in health food stores.




Lamb shanks with silverbeet and broth

This is not so much a recipe inspiration but more of an ‘inspiration to help you get beautiful nutritious foods such as fresh silverbeet and bone broth into your family!’

You see,  I get it that you may not always (or ever) have the same ingredients as me in your house at any same time. And I definitely get it, that you may not be into cooking that much OR into making your own sauces, stocks or bone broths! But my hope would be that by committing to some small steps  and putting in a little bit of effort, you too will be on your way to whipping up a delicious dinner like this one, using ingredients already on hand in your kitchen.

  1. TRY TO ALWAYS HAVE ON HAND – homemade tomato sauce or store bought organic passata, vegetable stock and bone broth. You don’t have to own a super whizz appliance to do this (although of course they certainly can help) – a good food processor or whizz stick will also suffice. Search the internet or your favourite food bloggers for recipes that you think you will like and will do and stick with it. Here’s a lovely recipe for ‘Really Easy Roasted Tomato Sauce’ from the Natural New Age Mum.
  2. The same goes for the stock and broths or else find a supplier from your local market or health food store to purchase from. This stock was from the EDC Thermomix recipe and the bone broth is from the recipe of Sue Lambert of The Wholefood Home.
  3. FRESH LOCAL PRODUCE: start visiting your local markets to buy more fresh produce. Decide on a new ingredient each week that your family not have tried or don’t eat very often. For this week fresh silverbeet was part of my market buy from Realfood Network and so it’s being used for a few different things this week.
  4. Here’s my ‘slap-dash’ recipe: Pan fry lamb shanks until browned and then place into slow cooker turned on HIGH. Add slow roasted whole tomatoes, sliced onion, chopped garlic, a splash of tamari, a few generous tablespoons of gelatinous broth, few generous tablespoons of concentrated vegetable stock, few generous tablespoons of the homemade tomato sauce, a splash of balsamic vinegar, a splash of sherry, a splash of filtered water and put the lid on and leave to cook for about 4 hours (checking to ensure it doesn’t dry out, which it shouldn’t). Although we don’t eat a lot of grains anymore, I decided we would have a bit of rice for this one and so boiled a small pot of organic jasmine rice. About half an hour before serving, I added the thinly sliced silverbeet all over the top and then a thin layer of the boiled rice on top of that. I then added a few dollops of butter and spread until melted into the rice. Lid back on and turned crockpot to LOW for the remaining time. Just before serving, I combined all the cooked ingredients together to get a lovely coating and delicious flavour combination.

Try something similar with what you have in your fridge and see how you go. This was one of our tastiest lamb shank meals yet! 🙂

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Reaping the benefits of REAL FOOD! And supporting local farmers along the way.

IMG_20150627_1One of the things I really try to impress upon other mums and dads is how obtainable and affordable REAL FOOD is.

Yes, even for your family!

It is all about finding out where and how but once you do, there is no turning back!

For us here in Cairns, Far North Queensland Australia, the RealFood Network is one main organization helping families and also the local community and everyone benefits.

Why do I impress upon it so much?

Because it means:

+ organic fruit and vegetables for your family

+ low or no-spray fruit and vegetables for your family

+ fresh, local (and therefore seasonal) produce for your family

+ keeping your family free from pesticides and other chemicals as much as you can

+ convenience of not having to worry abut scrubbing / washing your fruit and vegetables (a pet hate of mine!)

+ affordable, obtainable real food for your family

+  supporting your local farmers and farming community

+ opening up your kids to enjoy the market experience

+ reading the fun signage on every food display!

+ increased awareness of where your food is coming from

Want to know my top tips?

1. Always head FIRST to the Realfood Network stalls (situated at the Grafton St end of Rusty’s Markets. Note: Rusty’s Markets are on every weekend in the city of Cairns from 6am Fridays – 3pm Sundays) OR to your preferred local market stall in your area.

2. If you get time beforehand, do a quick scour around of other stall prices so you can compare (remembering that these may not be organic/pesticide-free/local/fresh produce).

3. Start off slow and buy produce that you are used to BUT with the addition of trying something new every week that you haven’t tried before or don’t normally eat! Even if it’s just 2 single rosella buds like I did the other week.

4. Supplement the rest of your weekly fruit and vegetables via your normal shopping methods with the intent of increasing your fresher organic/spray free produce each week until this is primarily all you are doing! 🙂 Some mums and dads I have helped to get on this journey have been amazed and pleasantly surprised at just how comparable (and sometimes even cheaper!) the prices are versus produce at other stalls! Yay!

Keen to  give it a go? Head on in and get chatting to your passionate team at your ‘RealFood Network’ or similar in your region and you are on your way! And remember, the more families that get on to this, means increased demand, calling for an increase in supply (which will provide more support to our local farmers) and best of all, will bring prices down! Everyone wins!

For us in Cairns, RealFood Network also do weekly food boxes and have weekend specials! Be sure to mention Healthee Living when you go! 😉  For more information on Realfood Network, click to their link  or contact me for more information.

You can also join me on my Facebook page where I share recipes and tips with the produce that I buy each week to help you get them in to your families too!

Bye for now, jade xx

History behind the name… HEAL..thee

Although still pronounced the usual way (as in healthy) – the HEALthee in my business name is a play on words BUT with significance.

It acts as a reminder to allow our bodies do what it is designed to do …… ‘heal itself’ in times of lack, stress, sickness and disease. It has the ability and we should nurture this incredible ability.

Giving our incredible bodies the best opportunity to its job with real food nutrition and better lifestyle and wellbeing choices.

HEAL.. thee

jade 🙂 xx