Lamb shanks with silverbeet and broth

This is not so much a recipe inspiration but more of an ‘inspiration to help you get beautiful nutritious foods such as fresh silverbeet and bone broth into your family!’

You see,  I get it that you may not always (or ever) have the same ingredients as me in your house at any same time. And I definitely get it, that you may not be into cooking that much OR into making your own sauces, stocks or bone broths! But my hope would be that by committing to some small steps  and putting in a little bit of effort, you too will be on your way to whipping up a delicious dinner like this one, using ingredients already on hand in your kitchen.

  1. TRY TO ALWAYS HAVE ON HAND – homemade tomato sauce or store bought organic passata, vegetable stock and bone broth. You don’t have to own a super whizz appliance to do this (although of course they certainly can help) – a good food processor or whizz stick will also suffice. Search the internet or your favourite food bloggers for recipes that you think you will like and will do and stick with it. Here’s a lovely recipe for ‘Really Easy Roasted Tomato Sauce’ from the Natural New Age Mum.
  2. The same goes for the stock and broths or else find a supplier from your local market or health food store to purchase from. This stock was from the EDC Thermomix recipe and the bone broth is from the recipe of Sue Lambert of The Wholefood Home.
  3. FRESH LOCAL PRODUCE: start visiting your local markets to buy more fresh produce. Decide on a new ingredient each week that your family not have tried or don’t eat very often. For this week fresh silverbeet was part of my market buy from Realfood Network and so it’s being used for a few different things this week.
  4. Here’s my ‘slap-dash’ recipe: Pan fry lamb shanks until browned and then place into slow cooker turned on HIGH. Add slow roasted whole tomatoes, sliced onion, chopped garlic, a splash of tamari, a few generous tablespoons of gelatinous broth, few generous tablespoons of concentrated vegetable stock, few generous tablespoons of the homemade tomato sauce, a splash of balsamic vinegar, a splash of sherry, a splash of filtered water and put the lid on and leave to cook for about 4 hours (checking to ensure it doesn’t dry out, which it shouldn’t). Although we don’t eat a lot of grains anymore, I decided we would have a bit of rice for this one and so boiled a small pot of organic jasmine rice. About half an hour before serving, I added the thinly sliced silverbeet all over the top and then a thin layer of the boiled rice on top of that. I then added a few dollops of butter and spread until melted into the rice. Lid back on and turned crockpot to LOW for the remaining time. Just before serving, I combined all the cooked ingredients together to get a lovely coating and delicious flavour combination.

Try something similar with what you have in your fridge and see how you go. This was one of our tastiest lamb shank meals yet! 🙂

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