About Me


Hi I’m Jade ~ mum of 3 active kids (11, 9 and 5) and we strive to be a ‘healthee livin’ family in this modern world!

My fascination in the area of health and wellness and in particular nutrition and using food as medicine started in my early 20′s. I was always intrigued by dishes my Chinese mother would cook and also the remedies she would prepare, in terms of traditional Chinese medicine and how they linked to healing.  After a successful corporate career in hotel and event management I decided to pursue a serious commitment to healthy living. Like most, the major turning point came when our children came along and I recognized that my sole purpose and responsibility was to do everything I could to ensure for their vibrant health for life.

I love helping families kickstart their journey to better health. We start small, we go slow. Together we make the necessary changes and adjustments that will be for their benefit in the long run. Things such as preservative/additive/gluten-free diets, probiotic foods and broths, help with recipes and pantry overhauls, chemical free living and staying safe in the age of technology.

My purpose and passion is especially in the area of helping families of children with any learning and/or behavioural issues. Helping to ensure these little amazing people are seen for who they really are is what drives me to do what I do.

Supporting, Encouraging. Inspiring ~ Vibrant Health for Life.

jade xx

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